Ziro’s robotics kit for kids now works with Alexa


Ziro is a nifty programmable robotics kit for kids that had a successful Indiegogo campaign last year. And the company behind it, ZeroUI, is still adding new features.

By default, Ziro kits come with a smart glove to control your robots. You can use the mobile app to configure gestures based on hand movements. For instance, if you tilt your hand forward, it can make a car go forward.

Ziro now also works with Alexa. You can configure voice actions to control your robot. For instance, you can ask your robot to wave at you and the robot will wave its arm.

If ZeroUI manages to sell enough Ziro kits, a community of builders could pop up and share robot designs. It would be nice if you could follow a guide on an online forum to build a dinosaur or a dancing robot using cardboard layouts.

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