Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini passes away


Paul Otellini, who presided over Intel during some of its most prosperous years, passed away today at the age of 66. The company announced the news in a press release.

Otellini joined the company in 1974, eventually rising to the position of CEO in 2005. Those were the salad days of standalone processors, when home PCs were in an endless megahertz race and Intel traded blows with arch-rival AMD.

Intel under Otellini was fabulously successful: Intel points out that it had more revenue during Otellini’s 8-year tenure than in its previous 45 years put together. He retired in 2013 to a quieter life of philanthropy and mentoring.

The company’s advances under his leadership helped build the industry we all take part in today. Best wishes to Otellini’s family.

Featured Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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